Try These Winter Planting

Try These Winter Planting

For those who complain about the slowdown in the gardening and gardening season, there is good news: plants can sleep in winter, but people are not obliged to do this. With less attention-grabbing tasks, winter is the perfect time to rethink existing designs and pallets with plants. Some landscaping projects are more suitable for rest months, and there are some advantages to starting them early in winter.


See clearly:

In winter, the garden walls are flaunted, so you can easily see what is broken and where you might want to add visual structure or texture, be it in the form of plants or harsh landscapes.

Rosalia Sunny, a landscape architect from Connecticut, likes to deal with the design in winter, as the lines of sight become open when plants and trees shed foliage. He can immediately estimate which sightlines should remain clean, which species should be integrated or borrowed, and which ones should be blocked.

Don’t compete:

Sunny also says that hiring a designer in the winter means you don’t have to compete with high-season requirements like assembly supervision. “Every customer who allows me to design a design in winter gets all my attention.”

Defeat the onslaught:

Start by ordering products with a long delivery time, such as cooking utensils for the street or special goods. Do not let long delivery times in the spring prevent you from realizing the project; order in advance and carry out the project on time.

Avoiding delays:

Municipal facilities are less likely to be delayed with the approval of the plans in the winter. Use this time to get the necessary permissions to avoid startup delays.


More detail:

Cold winter days are the perfect time to get acquainted with books and magazines about gardening and design. There are so many sources for new ideas, but one of our favorites is the “Gardener Ideas Book”. You can request a printed copy or view it online. It is full of useful information, introduces new plants, and is updated every year. You can also find step-by-step instructions for submitted DIY projects online.


Let yourself be inspired by the latest trends in garden design. Be inspired to try something new — create unique garden spaces, design a flower bed or container with dark deciduous plants, maximize the space, or enhance the color with two-color plants.


Steve Gierke from Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, loves to inspect the rooms of botanical gardens and arboretums to see how features such as the texture of the bark and the shape that has changed the flower wall look dizzying. Or you don’t even have to go that far. tease around the neighborhood and see what your neighbors’ yards look like. Are there any varieties that you might want to plant in your garden to give it winter interest?


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