Amaryllis and Christmas Cactus Coaxing Repeat Performances

Amaryllis and Christmas Cactus Coaxing Repeat Performances

Strong and bright amaryllis or Christmas cactus flowers, strewn with red, pink, salmon or white flowers, fill the festive season with fun and beauty. With special care, these favorites have been offered breathtaking rehearsal performances over the years.

Amaryllis with large bell-shaped flowers makes a bold and elegant statement. Each bold variety can produce up to four large flowers of red, salmon, pink, white or combined colors, depending on the variety.

Pickled amaryllis should be placed where it receives four hours of sunlight per day. A normal home temperature of 65-75 degrees promotes greater flowering, but flowers will last longer if the temperature in the house is five degrees lower.

As the flowers grow, keep watering the amaryllis. However, allow the soil surface to dry a little before watering. There is no need to apply fertilizers during flowering. With careful care, the amaryllis will bloom within three weeks.

When the flowers are ready, trim the stem-shaped flower stem two inches above the bulb. Keep watering so that the ribbon-like leaves can continue to grow to ensure that the necessary energy is stored in the bulb.

In the middle of spring, put a pot of amaryllis in a shady place outdoors. Finally, move to where the good morning sun is shining. Since the amaryllis bulb meets the requirements, just leave the amaryllis in its own pot. Provide water and fertilizers during the summer months. Bring the pot in September and put it in a cool room. Then the amaryllis should be allowed to rest without watering or diluting it so that it blooms inside again.

After a period of rest, the amaryllis leaves should be cut off. Gardeners can transplant the bulb or leave it in the original pot. Start watering and fertilizing after November and put the pot in a heat sunny place. Flower stems appear first, and then magnificent flowers appear during the festive season.

Amaryllis also feels good outdoors. In spring, plant the bulb outdoors in a sunny or partially sunny place in well-drained soil. Only the smallest tip of the bulb should be above the ground. Under the right conditions, strong flowers should appear next spring and in many upcoming springs.

The Christmas cactus, another wonderful holiday favorite, produces persistent flowers in indirect but bright lighting at a temperature of 65-75 degrees. Keep this plant away from drafts and vents so as not to drop the handles, which often happens with sudden temperature changes. Remove worn flowers and keep the cactus slightly moist. Make sure that the cactus is not in the water.

After the cactus blooms, put it on a sunny window and pour it abundantly. Dilute them with a regular solution for indoor plants. To promote reduction, prune by pruning specific sections of each stem. The removed segments take root very easily in water or in wet vermiculite.

After spring, the Christmas cactus is in partial shade outdoors. Since this tropical plant easily gets sunburn, keep it away from direct sunlight. Keep watering and fertilizing. Remove the cactus to a cool room before the onset of frost. Move the cactus to a sunnier and slightly heater place in early December. At Christmas, cactus leaves create a cascade of flowers.


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