What's Gardenforms?
Gardener Rob would like to share his recent garden experience (February, March 2019).  

With help from friend (Charles), he installed 4 cubic yards of compost into 6 existing raised planters in a 2-day period (ouch!!), and Gardener Rob then planted: Lettuce, Kale, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Onions, transplanted from years past Artichokes, and experimenting with growing Garlics and Asparagus for the first time.

WonderGrow Compost (American Soil & Stone, Richmond)
Vegetables (Home Depot, Hercules) 
Labor Help & Hauling (Charles Larry, Richmond @ 510-374-9734) 
Garden Pest (Snail & Slug) Organic Solution
Just days following planting the lettuce, kale and green beans; the local snail/slug community must of heard about the plantings and had a fest.  So there are 4 ways that Gardener Rob "organically" prevent snails/slugs from attaching his leafy veggies.

  1. Chickens, Mallard or Domestic Ducks - will eat up every last one of your snails/slugs in a fenced off garden.  A friend of Gardener Rob in the east bay area had a pair of Mallard ducks a few years back and still years later, there are no snails/slugs in her garden.
  2. Snail Bait - works very quickly, inexpensive, easy to store, can cover a large area and not harmful around vegetables, pets or wildlife.  A 3.5 lb bag should cost under $10, and a 7 lb should be under $18.  Places Gardener Rob goes to purchase is either Home Depot or Ace Hardware.  Other resources to purchase snail/slug bait would be a local nursery (may have to pay 20% more, but additional brands should be available).
  3. Eggshells - Recycling old eggshells are a "GREAT way to save your green and be green."  Just store inside until the yoke dries up the broken eggshells in the egg carton (that can also be recycled), break up in little pieces and place near the vegetables like tomatoes, and snails won't cross the path where the eggshells lay.
  4. Copper Wire (12-gauge or larger) - Recycle unused copper wire.  A roll can also be purchased at any hardware store where there is no plastic coating on the wire; or you can stripe the plastic coating yourself, but it can be time-consuming.  Staple down copper wire on the edge of your planter box, and you will stop the snails and slugs right where the copper wire lies.  It is a GREAT way to reuse to save your green and be green."   
Other Recent Activities on Gardenforms
A list of local (East Bay and Marin) CRV Recycling Centers have been listed under the "Recycling For Money" page

Gardener Rob and wife has locally traveled and been taking numerous plant photographs, antiques stores, easy everyday recycling techniques, and excited to find a really cool new place that salvages and reuses lumber, and all sorts of other items for the garden.  Soon, photos will be downloaded and placed on website.  

Thank you for your patience,
Gardener Rob