Recycling for Money

Recycling can be fun, but rewarding in the pocketbook with little effort.  From the household recyclables: aluminum cans, plastic bottles to glass bottles, much more can be recycled for cash from Non-Ferrous Metals (non-magnetic), Ferrous Metal (contains iron), to electronics, televisions, computers, cellular phones, power tools to car batteries.

Non-Ferrous Metals
Include: Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Titanium, Zinc and alloys such as Brass, to precious metals like Gold and Silver.

Ferrous Metals:
Include: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Wrought Iron.

Call recycle centers for prices, hours of operations and what items they accept.  Also, if you have scrap waste of either ferrous or non-ferrous metals that you would like to get rid of, but don't have a lot of it, most local hauling companies will pickup items from your house for FREE, and that's fun to.
CRV Recycling Centers (East Bay Area & Marin):
American Iron Metals 
1050 Brookside Drive, Richmond / Tel: (510) 233-0440

Action Metal Recycling, Inc
385 Pittsburgh Avenue, Richmond / Tel: (510) 236-2488

2730 Peralta Street, Oakland / Tel: (510) 893-6476

Lakeside Non Ferous Metals
412 Madison Street, Oakland / Tel: (510) 444-5466

Marin Recycling & Resource Recovery Association
535 Jacoby Street, San Rafael / Tel: (415) 453-1404 

National Recycling Corp
1312 Kirkham Street, Oakland / Tel: (510) 268-1022

Pacific Recycling
301 4th Street, Richmond / Tel: (916) 583-3301
14301 San Pablo Avenue, San Pablo / Tel: (916) 583-3301

*Sanabria Recycling
4th Street (and Macdonald), Richmond

*SIMS Metal Management
600 S. 4th Street, Richmond / Tel: (510) 412-5300

The Buy Back
669 Gilman Street, Berkeley / Tel: (510) 524-0113

West County Resource Recovery
101 Pittsburgh Avenue, Richmond / Tel: (510) 231-4203

*GF Experiences, read below
Bay Area Rescue Mission
200 Macdonald Avenue
(corner of 2nd Street & Macdonald Ave)
Richmond, CA 94804
Tel: (510) 215-4887

GF Experience:
This is a great place to receive a tax write-off (year-round) receipt for donated food, household items, dining and kitchenware to clothing that the neighborhood will immediately benefit from.

Your donations will go directly into the community, where residences attend a gospel service for an hour in return they receive a free meal, can foods, clothing and other donated household items.

GF Highly Recommends this Charitable Organization for the needed and the giving.
Sims Metal Management
600 S. 4th Street, Richmond, CA 94804
Hours: M-F 6am-3:30pm, Saturday 8-12pm
(View Website for Various Scale Hours)
Tel: (510) 412-5300

GF Experience (Ferrous Material):
If you don't have a lot of Ferrous Recyclable material (1000 lbs +) it could be a waste of your time.  I had brought in 700 pounds of iron ferrous material and got only $34 in cash (June 2017). 

Also, there are 2 lines for Ferrous Metals which the long line (30-60 minute wait) for cash, and another line (you can generally drive on through within minutes) if you are donating your material for free.

Also, expect to walk up and down (twice) to their 3rd floor entry to sign in/out (show your drivers license), get a hard hat and vest and eventually get your receipt.  Then you go to the cashier (in another building) for a voucher to then go to an ATM (next door).  It is just goofy, but then you get CASH.

To get more value, per recommendation of a local scrapper is to setup an account with SIMS.  Call (510-412-5300) for details.

GF Experience (Non-Ferrous Material):
For the Non-Ferrous Metals (Aluminum, Glass & Plastic Bottles, Copper, Batteries, Engines, Electronics, etc.), there is a line (best time to go is during the rain).  Unlike the Ferrous Material, this area is in another location (to the right) will not give out cash, but a check instead can be mailed to you, or you can pickup yourself in 3 days.

During my visit, I recycle (3) old truck batteries and a broken down engine.  The payout was: $0.28/lb on car batteries, and $0.14/lb on engines (Nov. 2017).

Also, in the past, I have gone to SIMS to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles, but the payout sucks compared to another place down the road that instead pays CASH.  

NOTE: SIMS no longer accepts: CRV Aluminum, Glass or Plastic Bottles.  

Additional CRV Recycling Centers listed above.
Sanabria Recycling
Location: 4th Street
(by the corner of Macdonald Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804

GF Experience:
This is the best and worse CRV recycling center in the Bay Area for aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles. They will even take plastic bottles with the caps. 

It is the best recycler because the payout is the highest (they payout CASH immediately), the customer service is good (english/spanish speaking) and generally there is a short or no line.  What makes it the worse, is not so much them, but the surrounding neighborhood; however if you have tolerance for a financial limited location, this could be your next recycling center.

GF recommends this recycler for CRV items