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GF Introduction to Irrigation:
Throughout the years, the owner of Gardenforms has had the wonderful pleasure and experience to design landscapes, but design also irrigation systems from large master-planned communities (1000 acres), housing developments, model homes, native restoration creeks, slopes, mitigation ponds, community parks to large and small residential projects (under 1000 square feet); and when it comes to Irrigation, the principles remain the same....."water flows down hill."

However, every landscape is different and not all landscapes conveniently have a water source that naturally water flows down hill, so Irrigation can be intimidating, and typically in the discipline of Landscape Architecture, even professional-trained designers will mostly hire independent Irrigation Consultants to design irrigation systems for their landscape construction plans.

So, don't be hard on yourself.  Lets try to tear down the wall of irrigation intimidation and save some green.  GF is going to provide the "how to steps" to design irrigation systems for any sized landscape project.  

If you have any questions, need recommendations, or references; feel free to contact Robert Frisbie at:
150 Feet Rule (Remote Control Valves)
After laying out the mainline diagrammatically on the plan, remote control valves (RCV) groupings follow a general rule of being placed every 150 feet.  Each RCV grouping should be between 2-5 valves, but additional valves can also be included in the group if necessary.  

GF recommendation:
Try to avoid having just 1 RCV isolated by itself, because just 1 RCV (without an As-Built Plan) can be difficult to locate once landscape is established. 
150 Feet Rule (Quick Coupler Valves)
Quick Coupler Valves (QCV), like RCV's can generally be located 150 feet apart in commercial projects, however in smaller commercial or residential sized projects, QCV are recommended to be placed every 100 feet.

Reasoning: When connecting the hose to the QCV, typically 100 foot length hoses are used and 1 hose connected to a QCV, and 1 hose connected to the next QCV, hand watering plants can be covered and easily maintained with just one hose for each QCV.

GF Recommendation:
Commercial (small to large sized projects) = 150 feet
Residential or Commercial (small) = 100 feet

QCV's should be placed 150 feet apart and preferably placed with adjacent RCV's, so the QCV is easily located once the landscape is established.

Don't be cheap!!!  To install a QCV (labor/material) cost about $300+/- each.  Some developers try to save their green by placing QCV's 250+ feet apart (instead of 150 feet), and later costing the developer due to lost plantings and labor during the establishment plant phase.