Green Materials
Tribute to the businesses that volunteer to practice recycling, composting and return create a byproduct that can be reused.

Call for operation of hours, delivery (if possible), availability of quantity and what is needed to pick up the recycled compostable items.
West County HHW Collection Facility Recycling Center
101 Pittsburgh Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801
Hours: Wed-Sat, 9:00-4:00pm, Closed: 12:00-12:30pm 
Tel: (888) 412-9277

Accepts materials from residents of East Bay Area West County (Crockett, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Hercules, Kensington, Montalvin Manor, North Richmond, Pinole, Port Costa, Richmond, Rodeo, San Pablo, Tara Hills, Tormey and other unincorporated areas in West County).  Proof of residency is required by either driver's license or utility bill.
Residents are aloud 15 gallons or 125 pounds, Small Business 27 gallons or 220 pounds.  No containers larger than 5 gallons.  Please see website for acceptable material.
GF Experience (free compost):
Opens at 9:00am, 1st Wednesday of each month, FREE COMPOST is available for the residents (listed above) up to 2 cubic yards, which is first come first serve and until compost is depleted.  
Bring your own shovel, containers, and if placed in a pickup truck, bring a tarp.  The compost material is light, and will need to be covered.  

During my visit (Feb. 6, 2019) it was the first time they offered free compost for residents and the compost was very clean (comparable to WonderGrow Compost @ $34/CY at American Stone & Soils, Richmond), which during this visit, approximately 20 cubic yards was available and more or less will be available in the near future and depending on volume of green waste collected during the weekly curbside pickup from the county residents.

Weekly Curbside Collection (Republic Services):
Besides placing green waste materials (leaves, twigs, branches, bark, lawn clippings, etc.), customers can also provide any "originally grown" paper products like (pizza boxes, paper cups, ice crem boxes, tea bags, paper towels, tissue paper, paper bags, to even food waste).  
I usually reuse grocery 'paper' bags to place all my food waste and paper towels in, and throw the entire bag away once filled, into the green waste container.

Carbon (Garbage) Footprint Reduced:
For whatever food waste and/or paper product that can be compostable, I place in my green waste container for the weekly pickup, and that seems to reduce my landfill garbage waste between 30-50%.

Garden Reuse:
The two (2) food waste products that I use for our garden is: old Coffee Grounds and Eggshells.  Coffee grounds can be reused to amend soil, and Eggshells are good for both nitrogen for a plant and naturally protects the base of tomatoes from snails; although store eggshells for a few weeks before placing in soil, because wildlife will take much interests if the eggshells still have yoke residual.