Consignment Stores
Consignment: Recycling and Resell of used household items.  This is a great practice and process of one (business) being green, which reduces ones carbon footprint as well as waste in our local landfills.

Plus, there are great deals for anyone looking for something different from furniture, household decorations, lighting, carpets, to even jewelry.

Before throwing something out, call a local consignment store (or recycle store) for pickup to financial arrangements of consigning an item(s).  From experience, consignment fees are typically 50% of the sold price, but some maybe as low as 30%.
Hilton House Consign & Design
21 & 19 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30-5pm
Tel: (925) 254-1113
Twitter: @hconsign
Instagram: HiltonHouseConsign

Gardenforms Experience (Recommended):
This is one of our favorite shops to visit in the East Bay Area.  It is a pleasant stop in the small town of Orinda, just off Highway 24 along Camino Pablo.  Plus there is a pizza place (Village Pizza) next door to the Hilton House furniture store with cold draft beers and great food.

Back to the Hilton House; they have cosign furniture (antiques and new), household items, chandeliers, rugs, jewelry to an occasional pool table for sale.  Talk with Cindy (owner) about deals, new items and what they consign, plus Rita is a joy to talk to as well.  We look forward on visiting again.

Consignment Fee: 50% for bulk items, cosmetic and silver jewelry.  40% for fine (gold) jewelry.