LEVEL 1 - Think Green

When thinking about being green, Gardenforms suggest to initially think small at first, look at household items used like that of (i.e. light bulbs, garden hose nozzle, exterior water use, to the water in the toilet tank), where with a few easy steps to follow, Level 1 can be reached without much change to one’s lifestyle.

To start small, look at what type of light bulbs are used in a typical household (compact fluorescent light bulbs vs. incandescent). 

For the incandescent (traditional) light bulb that is 60 watts, a homeowner can switch out with a CFL that is 13-15 watts with similar brightness lumens.  This 'saving your green' also applies to the new LED lights, which to receive similar brightness, the LED light bulb can be 6-8 watts, saving more money for the homeowner and our environment as a whole.

Being Green and Saving Your Green (per household for 30 light bulbs) would be that of:

Operating Costs (per year)
LED (Light Emitting Diodes) = $32.85
CFLs (Compact Fluorescents) = $76.65
Incandescent Light Bulbs = $328.59

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (per year)
Lower energy consumption decreases - CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide, and high-level nuclear waste:

LED = 451 pounds
CFLs = 1051 pounds
Incandescent = 4500 pounds

Then to continue thinking green, just changing out the garden hose washer can save on leaking water, or the nozzle can save money when washing the car or watering potted plants.   

Another way to save (on reducing water use), is by using a broom to clean off walkways, than that of watering off the driveway.
In addition, the toilet bowl tank (1.6 gallons per flush) can be reduced by 25-50% by one simply placing a mason jar, flower vase (see photo), and/or even bricks in the tank; where the the flow or volume of water seen will not be affected, although the usage will be reduced.