1999 Gardenforms Philosophy
Function and Form Design Implementation, in an outdoor garden space

(Robert Frisbie - Designer/Contractor

1924 Tachard Garden Site Plan
La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France
(Pierre-Emile Legrain)
Notice the zigzag band of the entrance drive, which Thomas Church of San Francisco was influenced by Pierre-Emile Legrain of France in the 1920's, like that of Robert Frisbie has been influenced by Thomas Church's garden (1930-50's) design style in Robert's own design signature with forms used in the landscape.
Monument Core, Washington D.C.
(EDAW Planning)
1948 Martin Gaden Residence
Aptos, CA
(Thomas Church)
California Academy of Science, San Francisco
Green Roof Top Garden
(SWA Group - Sausalito)
1991 South Coast Plaza Tower
Costa Mesa, CA
(Peter Walker and Partners - Berkeley)


"A garden should have no beginning and have no end." - Thomas Church, 1955

Once Robert's focus became the studies of Landscape Architecture and Garden Design; Robert has been influenced by four (4) historically known Landscape Architects/Designers: Thomas Church, Garrett Eckbo, Peter Walker and Roberto Burle Marx.

Garrett Eckbo, Peter Walker:
During Robert's first ten years in the Landscape Architectural industry, he had the pleasure to work for both EDAW (now AECOM, once owned by Garrett Eckbo, brother-in-law: Edward Williams, which later partered with Fracis Dean and Don Austin), from 2001-06; and SWA Group (previously named: Sasaki Walker Associates, owned by Hideo Sasaki and Peter Walker), from 2007-09.  

At the SWA Group, Robert had the opportunity to fill the shoes of previous employee/Field Control Manager (Conard Lindgren, current Partner of PWP Landscape Architecture in Berkeley), which is owned by Peter Walker since 1976.

Thomas Church, Roberto Burle Marx:
Robert post-ten years still references in landscape architecture, garden design, art, photography and plant selections of both Tommy Church of San Francisco and Brazilian-native Roberto Burle Marx's work.  
Hickingbotham Gardens, 1948
Hillsborough, CA
Thomas D. Church
Since Robert's studies at Cal Poly Pomona, Rob has always referenced his past when it comes to landscape architectural design and the spirit of the garden.

From works of Thomas "Tommy" Church (local San Francisco depression-era landscape designer), where Robert references the "zig-zag" symbol in some of his own designs, to Robert's first publication, "Gardenforms Landscape Plant Guide", where the zig-zag symbol is presented on every page of his book in tribute to the works of Tommy Church. 
Laurel Canyon Residence, 1959
Los Angeles, CA
Garrett Eckbo
Inspired himself by UC Berkeley instructor (Thomas Church), Garrett Eckbo in his work, "would convey a sense of movement in his designs by the layering and massing of plants as inspired by the artists' paintings", where Robert first inspired by Eckbo's early residential work, detailed and precise drafting skills, with design art forms that Robert would say about Eckbo's work, "beyond my time", insisted in his own career, Robert would work for the great influence's of Landscape Architecture of his own time and work for Eckbo's once owned firm EDAW.

Robert worked for EDAW from 2001-06 as a City Plan Submittal AutoCAD Draftsman, Master-Planned Community Estimator, and Irrigation Designer.
Segerstrom Center for the Arts, 1991
Costa Mesa, CA
Peter Walker
For the influences of art forms in the landscape, and practices of the force lines in design and the "detailed" construction implementations, Robert references that of another San Francisco Bay Area designer: Peter Walker, where Peter currently practices in Berkeley at (PWP), where Peter once partners with Harvard professor: Hideo Sasaki to establish Sasaki Walker Associates (now known as SWA Group).

In 2007, Robert had the pleasure and opportunity to work for SWA Group as a Field Control Project Manager and Specification writer.
Copacabana Beach Promenade, 1970
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Roberto Burle Marx
The outsider of influenced designers, Brazilian-native, Roberto Burle Marx was one of Robert's early plant design inspirations and how Robert refocused his efforts to go against the grain as a young designer, and create a foundation toward the understanding of how plants can be used in a design as a focal point, as much as the compliment of forms created by hardscape lines in a landscape.

With some of Burle Marx's work, plants were the landscape forms, where like no other designer, Robert was influenced in plant design and South American abstract art, to personally being inspired to volunteer hundreds of hours toward both The Huntington Palm Garden in San Marino, to becoming the Garden Curator (1996-98) at Oliver A. Batcheller Conservatory at Cal Poly Pomona, where Robert proudly maintained, designed, transplanted, propagated and identified over 300 rare tropical varieties
Ground Cover Forms
Urban Stairway Plant Focal
Compliments of Planting and Hardscape
Plant Focal and Contrasts