"Learn by Doing." - Cal Poly Pomona
Oliver A. Batcheller Conservatory Plan
Cal Poly Pomona
(Robert Frisbie - Designer, 1996-98)
Oliver A. Batcheller Conservatory
Cal Poly Pomona
(Robert Frisbie - Garden Curator)
Balboa at One Ford Road, Newport Beach
Lifescapes - Newport Beach
(Robert Frisbie - Intern, 1997)
Robert at Cal Poly Pomona, CA
(receiving his degree from President: Bob Suzuki - College of Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, June 12, 1998)
Jefferson Apartments, Dublin
Mori Hatsushi & Associates - Pacheco, CA
(Robert Frisbie Project Manager, 1998-99)
Clock Tower - Newport Beach, CA
Nuvis - Costa Mesa
(Robert Frisbie - Designer)
Turtle Ridge Master-Planned Community
EDAW - Irvine
(Robert Frisbie - Designer)
Robert in Northern California
(planting a 24" box multi-trunk Birch in the Bay Area Adobe clay soil)
(September 15, 2004)

South Strand Reserve, Dana Point, CAy
Natures Image - Lake Forest
(Robert Frisbie Irrigation Designer)
Mountain House Master-Planned Community
SWA Group - Sausalito
(Robert Frisbie Field Control Manager)

Kinley Residence, Pinole, CA
(Robert Frisbie - Designer)


Robert Frisbie: author and designer of Gardenforms who has an interest for both Horticulture and Landscape Architecture disciplines since 1992.

For 25 years,
Robert has had a
unique journey from managing a East San Francisco Bay Area maintenance business, identifying nearly 300 rare tropical plants as a Garden Curator at Oliver A. Batcheller Conservatory in Cal Poly Pomona, propagated 1000's of palm seedlings which were sold at Cal Poly Nursery, cleaned up nearly century-old palms of the Huntington Botanical Gardens, and proudly worked for various landscape architectural firms (SWA Group, EDAW/AECOM, Nuvis, Lifescapes International), as well as the Lead Irrigation Designer for a California Native Restoration Contractor (Natures Image) in Lake Forest.

Robert received his Bachelor of Science Degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona – College of Environmental Design, under the studies of Landscape Architecture (1998), graduated from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill (1993) with much emphasis in Business Finance, received his Contractors State License (2002), and self-researched, designed and published a 420-page plant design book (2006), where the PLANT PHOTO LIBRARY is referenced from.


Robert's industry experience is as followed:

Landscape Architecture:

  • Irrigation Consultatns (Northern and Southern California)
    • Irrigation (AutoCAD) Designer)
    • Water Calculations per AB1881 (CA Dept. of Water Resources)

  • SWA Group - Sausalito, CA (Corporate Office) (
    • Field Control Project Manager, Specifications, 2007-09


  • EDAW (AECOM) - Irvine, CA (Corporate Office) (
    • AutoCAD Designer, Master-Planned Community Estimator, 2001-06


  • Nuvis - Costa Mesa, CA (Corporate Office) (
    • AutoCAD Designer, 2000-01


  • Lifescapes International, Inc - Newport Beach, CA (
    • Summer Internship Model Builder, 1997 


Landscape Construction:
  •  Natures Image, Inc - Lake Forest, CA (
    • AutoCAD Irrigation Designer, Cost Estimator, 2006-07


  • MHA & Eastern Landscape Company - Pacheco, CA
    • Project Manager, Ordering, 1998-99
Landscape Maintenance (pre-graduation):
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (
    • Garden Curator (Oliver A. Batcheller Conservatory), 1996-98
      • Maintenance, Clean Up, Design and Identification (of 300 rare tropical species)
      • Independent Studies & Garden Tours - of propagating thousands of palm seed specimens (and determining percentage rates of success)
    • Nursery Sales, Full-Time Residence (Cal Poly Pomona Horticultural Unit), 1997-98
      • Caretaker of Seasonal Poinsettia's, Raymond Burr Donated Orchids, Interior & Exterior Ornamentals, to Nursery Sales


  • The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens - San Marino, CA (
    • Summer Internship of Palm Garden Maintenance & Clean Up, 1995


  • Paradise Landscaping, East San Francisco Bay Area
    • Owner of Landscape Maintenance Company, 1992-95